For The Common Good


You are good. You are also unique and valuable. And the way you work is important.

My name is Ben and I’m somewhat responsible for this place/community we call Workshop. I’d be lying if I attributed the existence of Workshop to anything other than:

1) I know so many talented, thoughtful people (and I’m aware there are many more), and...

2) I want all of them to be in the same place as often as possible.

It started when I realized that the pendulum swung too far when we left the cubicles and began working from home. Working at home is like your mom’s brownies or that entire box of doughnuts – they’re great in moderation, but it’s evident when you’ve had too much and it makes you feel weird.

The presence of the Internet is no longer the only factor in whether or not a location is an effective work environment. There are limitations to that coffee shop (good coffee, but sketchy Internet & too many headphones), the library (no coffee or talking), and your living room (really only ideal for making out or binge-watching Netflix). And don’t pretend like you don’t miss water cooler chatter and the office Christmas party.

I have experienced the tangible benefits of co-working, and I can’t go back. While it’s still nice to work at home or meet at The Wormhole from time-to-time, I know now that something significant happens when you consistently put great people in the same room.

Our culture begs for your efficiency and productivity, and it's true that engaging with people slows you down a bit. But other people (of all sorts) help you grow, and you help them, then the final product is ultimately the best each of us can make, do, and be.

Please do not underestimate this dynamic.

So we’ve carved out about 3,000 of the best square feet we could find in Chicago to facilitate this type of environment at Workshop. You'll find the best people comprising a community that will share, inspire, and support you and your work, every time you visit us.


At Workshop, we often use this term “the common good,” which for us refers to the dynamic that plays out when you have good people doing great things together. You grow and make things, supported by those around you who are growing and making, and then each of you has this exponential positive impact on the square footage of this world that your life interacts with. We’re all working toward the common good, together.

The potential is motivating enough that we did all the heavy lifting, and all you have to do is be here and invest in this incredible community.

We really hope to see you soon, friend. 


Ben Skoda, Workshop Co-Founder & Director