Founding Member Spotlight: Michael Forsberg

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Michael Forsberg



Your Neighborhood: Wicker Park

Company/Organization: World Vision

Role/Title: Marketing & Communications Director, Team World Vision

Company Mission: World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.


Tell us what excites you most about your work:

Life Change: Both here and abroad.

Phrases like “life change” and “personal transformation” are often hyperbole for infomercials peddling some sort of miraculous weight loss product or tabloid headline fodder. Despite the abuse of true, life-change language in our culture, that is what we get to see with our work; and it is thrilling.

At Team World Vision (a ministry of World Vision), we equip churches to make a huge impact on global poverty through endurance events, while inviting the congregation into personal journeys of health, physical fitness, and community.

From comfortable middle-aged suburbanites to vibrant urban twenty-somethings, we witness story after story of how people step through fear to accomplish something that was once beyond their wildest imagination; finishing a marathon and raising heaps of money for those in need.

I’ve experienced it, my friends have experienced it, and even my dad has experienced it. It’s addicting.

Tell us about someone who has influenced your work:

Michael Chitwood; The man who invited me to quit my job in the advertising world, and shake up my career. He is also my boss.

His ability to cast vision, and relentlessly pursue that dream until it happens ignites and motivates me.

His genuine compassion for the poor and intentionality with friendships continually teaches me that my “work” is less about work, and more about serving the mission where I’m called to serve.

Tell us about one of your favorite projects to have participated in OR an upcoming project you're excited about:

Double Kenya!

This past year I was able to travel to Africa twice to see the work that World Vision does in the field. Witnessing the breadth and complexity of the projects, meeting the field staff that travel through the valleys to get to the rural villages, and seeing the children and communities that benefit from the projects was

B R E A T H  T A K I N G .

I voraciously scribbled notes, snapped photos, shot video like a mad man. This year, I’m looking forward (and also intimidated) to share the stories from the field, to our runners who are raising funds on our behalf. They are more than cute African kids in photos - they have inspiring stories and I hope to help bring those stories to life.

Tell us your favorite winter activity:


A recent winter activity, that falls in line with avoiding going outside at all costs, is taking classes online at You can learn how to do amazing things through video tutorials and projects. I’m currently enrolled in a hand-lettering class and feel way better about taking those then just binging on Netflix.

Michael is a member of Workshop's Advisory Board, and he calls Workshop home as a founding member. We're thrilled to see firsthand what Michael & Team World Vision have in store for 2014!

Follow Michael on Twitter/Instagram (@michaelforsberg), & check out to learn more about their incredible work!