Member Spotlight: Matt McCoy


Matt McCoy of...



Your Name: Matt McCoy

Your Neighborhood: Gold Coast / Old Town


Role/Title: Founder & CEO

Company Mission: is a music distribution platform for churches, worship leaders, and musicians. We provide backing tracks (multitracks and loops) for popular songs, as well as training and resources for using technology in live music performances. It's a community -- if you need a track, search the website and download. If you produce your own tracks, upload and sell them. We also work closely with major recording artists and record labels in promoting and distributing their original album multitracks.

Tell us what excites you most about your work: I love helping churches, worship leaders, and musicians do what they do better. Whether they are a small church of 20 people, or a massive church of 30,000 people -- our tracks and technology can help improve the overall sound and excellence of a church music experience or live performance. I travel a lot and teach musicians how to use music software and technology. Using these tools in a live performance can seem intimidating at first, so I love breaking it down and making it easy for musicians to get started. It's amazing to see people take a hold of it and make it their own. Often, they become contributors on our website and start uploading their own custom tracks! Developing new products and services that allow more people to EASILY use multitracks and loops is what excites me.

Tell us about someone who has influenced your work: As a young musician, I was inspired to start using loops, multitracks, and music software in live performance when I watched Bwack (the drummer from David Crowder Band). He really pioneered the use of these electronic-music tracks in performance and it sparked something in me. I started making my own tracks and never stopped.

Tell us about a favorite project:  Last fall we launched a free app for iPhone and iPad that allows simple and intuitive multitrack playback for musicians. Our entire song catalog is available within the app, and you can also import your own custom audio files. This has turned out to be a great resource for singer/songwriters -- either performing in churches, coffee shops or other venues. A few months ago we also launched a MIDI Foot Controller called Looptimus ( This allows full control of your tracks and our app, by using your feet (perfect for guitar players). It also works seamlessly with other music software such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools, MainStage, Logic, Garageband, Reason, etc.

Tell us your favorite thing to do in Chicago: Riding my bike on the lake front.


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