Member Spotlight: Hannah Fehrman


Hannah Fehrman

Your Name: Hannah Fehrman 

Your Neighborhood: Logan Square 

Company/Organization: Freelance 

Role/Title: Production Coordinator 

Company Mission: To create a blending of Logistics and Hospitality while serving the photographer and client. 

Tell us what excites you most about your work: I equally love making sure plans come together and working with people. Add that to being on photo shoots and helping creatives get to focus on making their work - how could I not love every moment!? I take a great amount of joy in playing a support role - to take the logistics off the mind of the photographer so they can really focus in on their craft and getting the shot. I love making all the pieces of an idea come together. 

Tell us about someone who has influenced your work: I grew up working on a campground, I still have calluses on my hands from all the raking and mopping we would do each summer. While we worked hard everyday, my grandma taught me to make work fun; to "whistle while we work." We enjoyed the time together, knowing we were investing in something bigger than ourselves - and to this day I still sing the songs she would teach my sister and I while cleaning. After all, "If I'da known you were coming, I'da baked a cake." 

Tell us about one of your favorite projects to have participated in: I worked on an advertising shoot for Ziplock earlier this year where we were pressed with a tight schedule and complex/detailed shot list. It was amazing to see our crew come together and really form a team that communicated and focused as one. At the end of the week it was so rewarding to see the level of excellence we maintained while working at such a quick pace.

Tell us your favorite thing to do in Chicago: To go Salsa Dancing! I discovered the "scene" on a complete whim, and now I go at least once a week. It is so much fun, great exercise, and you meet the most interesting people. 


Twitter/Instagram: @hannahfehrman