Member Spotlight: Tyler Jackson


Tyler Jackson of...


Your Name: Tyler Jackson

Your Neighborhood: Oak Park

Company/Organization: Northbound Pictures

Role/Title: Owner, Executive Producer

Company Mission: We help individuals and companies tell compelling stories

Tell us what excites you most about your work:

Stories. At the core of every project is a story. What keeps every project I do unique is that no one story is the same. Every project is different and exciting. I love be involved with a variety of companies, nonprofits, artists, etc. that have a story to tell. We work hard to tell a story that is at the core of the human experience and in the midst of that beauty and brokenness we find truth and hope.

Tell us about someone who has influenced your work:

I have had the opportunity to interact with some great people in the film/video industry and it has impacted me over the years. A while back I had the opportunity to talk with Ralph Winter (Producer at 20th Century Fox) and his word of wisdom to me at the time was to find the stories that you want to champion, the ones that you want your name on, and the ones that are worth telling.

That concept has stuck with me over the years and I think that is why I’m drawn to the projects that are part of a bigger picture and have the potential for lasting impact.

Tell us about one of your favorite projects to have participated in:

Within the past year I have had the opportunity to travel for a variety of projects. I was exploring Israel, Greece, and Italy this fall filming a project, and then in Africa this spring. My work takes me across the globe and I am fortunate to work with a variety of organizations and people to make these stories come to life. In Africa, I was filming a story of one woman who was rescued after being assaulted. It is a beautiful story of restoration and I am excited to help the organization tell it in an authentic and beautiful way.

Tell us your favorite thing to do in Chicago: 

My wife and I enjoy discovering new places, and in the warmer months we love finding new restaurants, especially the small unique ones. We both love finding coffee roasters around the city along with enjoying festivals and anything outside.


Tyler & Northbound produced Workshop's promo video. He did an outstanding job and was a pleasure to work with. We'd HIGHLY recommend his work. Check out Northbound Pictures & find Tyler on Instagram & Twitter.