Member Spotlight: Tre' Jorgensen


Tre' Jorgensen

Your Name: Tre’ Jorgensen

Your Neighborhood: Logan Square

Company/Organization: I work for myself as a Communication Designer and I do side projects with my husband as Buffalo Buffalo

Role/Title: Maker, Designer, Screenprinter, Problem­Solver

Company Mission: I support good people doing good work with some strategy, beauty and simplicity. 


Tell us what excites you most about your work:


I love the opportunity to work with new people and new challenges. I am constantly

learning about other industries and newfangled ideas through the work my clients

are doing and I couldn't be more excited to partner with them. Whether it's learning

about the art and science of a horse's movement for a rebrand or immersing

myself in vintage home furnishings for an ecommerce site, I enjoy the challenge of

stepping into other fields to strengthen them with design.


Tell us about someone who has influenced your work:


I'd have to say it was one of my college professors, Dan Elliott. He is certainly one

of the reasons I turned out ok as a designer.


He fostered healthy critique in a way that somehow made it ok when he ripped into

your work and he led by example with his experiments in letterpress. He

introduced me to Hamilton Wood Type and I was able to take several trips under

his tutelage both in school and after graduation. It seems kind of corny but I think I

owe all of my appreciation of hand­craftsmanship and typography to him.


I was honored to have him hire me as Adjunct Faculty this past winter before he

packed up and moved to a new university this spring.


Tell us about an upcoming project you're excited about:


Currently, I am neck deep in the planning and orchestrating of the STA's Chicago

Design Archive Competition (Archive14) as Co­Director with my husband Matthew.

While it is quite the under­taking, it has been such a joy and a challenge to bring

this all together and this season should be one for the books. We have had the

privilege of working with 50,000ft on the creative for this year and are just wrapping

up selecting the judges from across the country. While this is a step outside of my

usual role, I am excited to give back to the community with my time and I hope that

everyone else enjoys the events as they unfold this summer.


If I can manage my time between business and Archive14, I also have a personal

screenprinting project brewing that I hope to have completed and up for sale by



Tell us your favorite thing to do in Chicago:


After a long, harsh winter it's hard to think of anything but spending time outside.

Some of my favorite things to do in Logan Square are picnics on the boulevards,

always including Miko's italian ice of course, and night bike rides with friends.


Check out Tre' on the web at Buffalo Buffalo &!