Member Spotlight: Matt Soria


Matt Soria

Your Name:  Matt Soria

Your Neighborhood:  Noble Square

Company/Organization:  Ugly Inc.

Role/Title:  Web Designer & Developer


Company Mission:  To help contribute to a more accessible and enjoyable internet by designing and building things for the web that look great, and people enjoy using.

Tell us what excites you most about your work:  The landscape of the web is constantly changing, and every project is different, which means I am constantly learning newer and better ways to face challenges.

Tell us about someone who has influenced your work:  Mark Gonzales. He is considered by many to be the father of modern street-style skateboarding. His skateboarding and his art have been a great influence on me, and has taught me to never look at anything simply for what it is. There is always a different way to look at something — a different vantage point that completely changes the thing. I learned that from Mark, and it is a notion that can be relevant in almost any situation or challenge.

Tell us about an upcoming project you're excited about:  I will be launching a new illustration magazine and podcast very soon called The Illustrationist, and I’m extremely excited about it. We’ll be looking at anyone who “makes marks” of any kind too, so it won’t be strictly “illustrators” — it might be a painter, or graphic designer, or whatever. We’ll be showcasing work, conducting interviews, writing reviews of shows and tools, and then there will be the podcast. I can’t wait! Also, starting in July, I’m going to start taking on freelance projects, so let me know if you have any web projects that you think I might be able to help you with!

Tell us your favorite thing to do in Chicago:  Chicago has really great alleys. I think one of my favorite things to do is just wonder around the alleyways, looking for cool stuff people throw away, and looking at some of the graffiti you find there.


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