Member Spotlight: Eric Hobbs


Eric Hobbs


Your Name: Eric Hobbs

Your City: Geneva, IL

Your Company: Penrose Brewing Company

Your Role: Founder

Your Company Mission: A community of forward-thinking beer advocates and brewers of Belgian-inspired session ales, pushing boundaries with alternative fermentation practices.  

Tell us what excites you most about your work: 

First and foremost, I love the simple process of manufacturing a hand-crafted, artisanal product. A close second would be that beer is more often than not a social stimulant/lubricant, bringing happiness and pleasure to the vast majority of those engaging with it. Making people happy is extremely fulfilling, and as important as the quality of thought and ingredients going into the beer we brew. 


Tell us about someone who has influenced your work: 

I was fortunate to work with Greg Hall, former Goose Island Brewmaster and now Founder of Virtue Cider, and when it came to product innovation and crafting a better beer drinking experience, he was always a step or two ahead of the rest of the craft beer industry. Observing his process and how he approached new ideas has carried through into the development of all things Penrose - beers, our brewery/taproom, innovation program, and most importantly, how we communicate with our community. 

Tell us about an upcoming project you're excited about: 

Our ever-evolving alternative fermentation program, and the arrival of some of our first wild, tart beers has me waiting with eager anticipation. I see this is a major part of the future success of Penrose, but these projects take time and the beer ultimately tells you when it's ready. 

Tell us your favorite thing to do in Chicago: 

Spending hours around a dinner table with great friends, amazing food, and of course, a variety of tasty beers. That is truly my happy place. 

Read more at the Penrose site and start planning your trip to their brewery/taproom in Geneva!