Common Folk Music: Love is Scary

In February, we hosted an interactive live music/storytelling show, the first in a series we're calling "Common Folk." 

We enjoyed some fun, unscripted moments, and our goal was accomplished: giving the audience an opportunity to get to know the people behind the performance, in an authentic, raw & personal way. Each quarterly Common Folk event will feature a unique theme.

Thanks to the crew of artists who make up the Common Folk team: Steven Abraham, Tyler Sjostrom, Tony Sorrentino & Abbi Rajasekhar.

We enjoyed impromptu Backstreet Boys sing-a-longs, carefully-prepared Bryan Adams covers, some beautiful & poignant original songs, & a lot of laughter (maybe a couple of tears, too).

You have the opportunity to join the fun at our next event, Common Folk: Family Matters, taking place on May 30. Get tickets here & join the FB event page here. We have the privilege of hearing from Brandon Cunningham, Tyler Sjostrom, & The Diving Bell at this upcoming show. You'll find a video of Tyler below to get you excited about his performance.

Check out the photos below to get a glimpse of what we experienced in February, courtesy of performers Sharon Irving (w/Anders Nordstrom), Abbi Rajasekhar, & Tony Sorrentino, captured in photograph by the incredibly talented Ryn Manby. Find even more photos of the event here.

Here's a teaser video of Tyler Sjostrom, one of the performers at our upcoming event "Common Folk: Family Matters" on May 30.

Thanks to all who have invested in making these events such a treat. We hope to see you at an upcoming Common Folk show!